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How it all began.

Tempdefense was born with 26 years in the making. With our background and expertise in the restaurant business, We know how important and crucial temperatures are for safety and compliance.  With years of fine tunning our temperature monitoring systems in our restaurants and with new technological advances. We now bring state of the art live monitoring to your fingertips.

Why monitor temperatures?

Why should I monitor temperatures? We have our employees check every two hours. If you have a system like this in place how effective is it really? How fast will you be notified when temperatures rise or fall? Will your business be open at the time? These are all pitfalls of this type of logging temperatures system.

Our mission to develop A Affordable State of the art monitoring technology is here.

Our mission from the beginning was to develop a system that can be affordable by small businesses. We understand the challenges that restaurants and markets face every day.  We are pleased to announce we have accomplished this mission.

How it works

Step 1 Wireless Temprature sensors.

Wireless Sensors are placed in refrigerated units or hot holding tables once sensors are installed A gsm cellular device is installed in the location as well. Programing and calibration is next to complete the process.

Step 2 Server communication begins

Now that the system is installed immediate server communication begins. which means you now have 24/7 monitoring of all your equipment that have sensors installed. With any temperature changes now you will be notified via text message and or email within seconds of temperature changes.

Step 3 Download app

Download Our Tempdefense app From Google Play or IOS app store Free. We will provide with login information.

Once logged in you can view all your sensors live and all data with graphs. If a notification has been sent you can acknowledge and reset the sensor .

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